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Our Portfolio

This portfolio shows examples of the quality work that has been performed by Ideal Web Technologies for a variety of websites, organizations and companies. The site descriptions detail the features of the sites. The included screen shots demonstrate the results of the detailed coding performed by Ideal Web Technologies. Ideal Web Technologies specializes in providing quality work in accordance to the owners’ specifications as well as the standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Ideal Web Technologies' developers are skilled and have experience coding in PHP, JavaScript, XML, CSS, XHTML, HTML and more; as well as developing sites around AJAX.

In addition to our custom work, Ideal Web Technologies offers a variety of products, services and tutorials. These products, services and tutorials are located throughout the various sections of our site.
Our Other Sites
  • eXtreme Game Zone
  • Coding Junkies
  • What Topic?
  • Computer Addicts
  • IWT URL -- Coming Soon!
Custom Work
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