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About The Company

IWT Ideal Web Technologies is a dedicated company started by two brothers, Tim and Brian Yarbrough, in order to give the world a source of quality code. Our employees have advanced knowledge of their fields, and years of experience. Unlike those dime-a-dozen freelance coders, Ideal Web Technologies refuse to provide sub-par code, and will never take a job we have any doubt we can't fully complete beyond your expectations. Lastly, we believe keeping our clients informed is important, that is why we are never to busy to stop and explain things.

About The Brothers

Tim Yarbrough Tim Yarbrough

The older of the two, Tim has a degree in Web Development.

Tim made his first website when he was 10, and has since worked on, installed and/or upgraded over 1,000 sites. He has experience in database administration and project management, and knows how to get the max efficiency out of his scripts. Tim also worked for Surreal Media, now Enjin, making pixel perfect styles. Tim also has been working with vBulletin and Invision Power Board since their first versions.

Tim codes in PHP, Perl, XHTML, HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript.
Brian Yarbrough Brian Yarbrough

The younger of the two, Brian is currently a student at Missouri University of Science & Technology where he majors in Computer Science.

Brian made his first website at the age of 13, a site he still owns to this day, and has had a passion for web development ever since. He has made and managed numerous sites though the years, including many of his own. Thoughout the years, Brian has learned how all the popular browsers render elements, as well as the best techniques for achieving the widest browser support for even the most advanced and complex of styles.

Brian codes in PHP, C++, XHTML, HTML, CSS, XML and JavaScript.
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